Shout outs are a new addition to PSRD bout programs! You can put your special (family-friendly) message to any PSRD skater in 140 characters or less for a super low price.

You can pay securely online using the PayPal form below. Just put your message in the “notes” box. It’s just $10 to get a personalized message in our bout program.  Let's fill this page! 

       Shout outs are for personal messages only. Businesses interested in being featured in bout program should review our sponsorship page here:                  

The shout out for bout deadlines are as follows:

The shout out deadline is 2 weeks prior to our home bouts.

Shout Out Submission Schedule:

  • April 13th- CLOSED

  • To be posted in June 8th program: Please submit payment/message by May 24th.

  • To be posted in June 22nd program: Please submit payment/message by June 7th.

  • To be posted in August 31st program: Please submit payment/message by August 16th.

  • To be posted in October 19th program: Please submit payment/message by October 4th.

***Our apologies in advance, but any messages sent after the deadline will be printed in the following home bout program.  This excludes our last home bout, if that deadline is missed, we cannot print your message and appreciate your donation.  PSRD also reserves the right to reject any paid for message if it doesn't follow our family friendly expectations.***

Support your hard-working PSRD skaters!

Send your shout out:


***June 8th bout to be held at Georgia Convention Center.***

Family, Friend, or Fan - $10.00 USD

Be sure to add your shout out message in the Special Instructions area when sending payment.