Peach Recruit Camp: What to Expect


Our Peach Recruit sessions, from 8:00 PM-10:00 PM at Hot Wheels Skate Center

New Skaters can start on the 1st Monday during our available camp schedule here. and will receive a short orientation, gear up, and learn the basics: intro to skating and crossovers, derby stance, and safety in stopping and falling . Once you have attended your first practice you are welcome to attend any Monday practices afterwards. Peach Recruits program will eventually teach you all the basic skills you need to try out for Fresh Meat program. This is your entry into becoming a PSRD skater or an official for our bouts.

There is a commitment and little bit of an investment when beginning your journey into roller derby, but if this is something you love, it’s well worth all the blood, sweat, and tears!  You must wear all required safety gear to be able to practice, including helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and a mouth guard.

Don’t Worry! If you do not have your own safety gear, or don’t want to make a purchase just yet, we do have some gear to rent for your Monday or monthly skate training, BUT it is advised you have your own skates.









Some Suggestions for purchasing gear:

Mouth Guard-YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BRING THIS FOR ALL SESSIONS OR YOU CANNOT SKATE! Please purchase and mold your mouth guard prior to arriving for practice. SISU brand is a favorite, some of the other are very hard to wear.

Roller Derby Starter Kit Option 1

Roller Derby Starter Kit Option 2

*Hot Wheels Skate Center also sells skate gear. You can check out their sales counter at any time throughout your training.  Additionally, RollATL in Atlanta is a great brick and mortar skate shop. There are many derby owned online skate shops, and Facebook Groups are a great place to check out for gently used derby gear!