How do I watch Roller Derby?

Okay you come to a Peach State Roller Derby bout, you sit down, and you have absolutely NO idea what's going on down on the track.  It's okay; baby steps. It might be a few bouts before you get the hang of it. Roller Derby can seem complicated and chaotic for the initiated. Once you understand the positions, the rules, strategy and gameplay, it’s easy; and it’s super fun to watch and play!
See below levels on how to watch roller derby.

***Hover over below map to get a summary reminder of positions from Derby 101.***

Level One

I'm a beginner at watching roller derby.  

Level TWO

My understanding of roller derby is at an intermediate level. I've come to some bouts, and understand basic gameplay.

Level Three

I fully understand gameplay and have an expert understanding.  I come to watch derby all the time.


I want to implement and practice my knowledge!


I want to be involved on the track and be an essential part of bout day!


I would like to become an official or volunteer as an NSO.

At this point you’ve got the essentials down pat, the rest is just learning to recognize the finer points and respond to them quickly. Hey, you'll get into every bout for free!

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