Fireballs Junior Roller Derby

Practice & Schedule:

Practice Location: Hot Wheels Skate Center

Practice Time: Monday & Thursday: 6pm – 8pm

Ages: 12-17 years old

Cost: $65.00 per month

***Any changes to the practice schedule is announced at practice, email, or via Facebook.

Skaters must wear quad (not inline) roller skates and ALL protective equipment when participating in practices and scrimmages. Required protective equipment: helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and mouth guard. Also, please bring a reusable water bottle to each practice and scrimmage.

What do I do if I don’t have any protective gear? That’s okay! Bring a mouth guard if you are interested in trying Fireball Junior Roller Derby.  We can supply equipment for you until your purchase your own.

Ready to purchase? Here are some recommended shopping links:

Mouth Guard- SISU brand is a favorite, some of the other are very hard to wear.


Roller Derby Starter Kit Option 1


Roller Derby Starter Kit Option 2


Hot Wheels Skate Center sells skate gear. You can check out their sales counter at any time throughout your training.  Additionally, RollATL in Atlanta is a great brick and mortar skate shop and there are many derby owned online skate shops, and Facebook groups are a great place to check out for gently used derby gear! 


***Feel free to complete your own research and purchase items elsewhere, this is just a suggestion and a way to help get you started!***

Please make sure the equipment fits correctly – helmets should not shake or be tilted back on the head, and chin strap should be tight; elbow and knee pads should cover the joints and not slip or fall down during movement; skates may be purchased a 1/2 size or size larger to accommodate growth, but not too large to cause slip or impede movement.



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