About Us

What is Peach State Roller Derby?
Peach State Roller Derby is a non-profit amateur athletic organization. PSRD is focused on its enduring goals of hosting family friendly events, raising community awareness of the health benefits of skating and female athleticism, and promoting self-esteem in women by offering them alternative and athletic avenues of expression. We aim to inspire young girls to excel independently by demonstrating personal commitment, enthusiasm, and athletic achievement.

Who can join PSRD?
Our league is open to women 18 and older who seek camaraderie in a fun, supportive and respectful sporting environment. Our business is skater-owned and operated and relies upon the commitment of all skaters involved. PSRD is also looking for men and women to serve as referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers.

Is today’s derby what I saw on tv as a kid?







During the early 1900’s, multi-day roller skating endurance races were popular spectators events. In the late 1930’s, the popularity of the occasional collisions and crashes led to the development of a sport that maximized the physical contact. Over the next 30 years, roller derby evolved into a popular traveling spectator sport. However by the 1970’s, the spectacle was emphasized over the sport and roller derby resembled professional wrestling with scripted storylines, exaggerated falls, and staged theatrics.
The modern flat track revival of the sport began in Austin, Texas in 2001. There are currently over 1000 leagues in existence across the globe, and in early December 2011 the first Roller Derby World Cup tournament took place with teams representing 13 countries.
Today’s roller derby is not at all like the 1970’s version. It is not played on a banked track, and there are no flying elbow take-downs or sending the opponent flipping over the outside railing. Roller derby is also not “chicks in fishnets beating the crap out of each other”, nor is it “recreational aggression therapy for harried housewives”. It is a fast-paced full contact team sport that requires athleticism, speed, and strategy. The athletes take it very seriously, and dedicate a large portion of their time to practice and training. There is an official sanctioning body with regional, national, and even international competition. 

How long is the season, and do you travel?
The Roller Derby Season typically runs from February through October.  Yes, PSRD travels quite a bit.  While we generally host 4 home bouts, we have several away bouts scheduled as well, and are continuing to add to this schedule as our league grows.  Come and watch! Grow with us!