PSRD Seeks New Charter Team Coach for 2020 Season


Published January 5, 2018

Peach State Roller Derby is looking for a dynamic and engaging coach to lead their charter team, the PSRD Allstars, for the 2018 season. Going into their 3rd WFTDA chartered season and currently ranked 309, the Allstars are looking for a coach to challenge them and improve their ranking.  Peach State Roller Derby is a small league (12-20 members). While the Allstars team is competitive and charter members exhibit the highest skill level in the league, they currently do not hold a full 14-skater charter.  The Allstars are looking for a coach to commit to the small team as they grow into a full charter. 


The Allstars Coach is appointed by the Board of Directors with the approval of the team, and is responsible for the following: leading team practices, coordinating with the team captain to recruit new charter skaters, conducting tryout assessments, making charter decisions, working with skaters on individual skills in addition to team goals, compiling and maintaining practice agendas and structuring drills, coaching the charter team from the bench during all bouts and during team scrimmages with other teams, appointing assistant coaches such as bench coaches as needed, and communicating with Board of Directors about skater statuses and interleague relations.

We are looking for a coach who exhibits advanced understanding of the rules and strategies of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.  The coach is expected to manage skaters of varying skill levels and commit to 1-2 practices a week, plus bouts and scrimmages.  The coach must have excellent communication skills, maintaining regular, timely, and respectful communication with the team and other league members. The team is looking for someone dedicated who develops a highly competitive team environment, runs focused and timely practices, exhibits dedication to bench management during games, provides instant and direct feedback to skaters, and introduces advanced techniques and strategies while reinforcing standards.  We would like our Allstar Coach to inspire confidence and motivate skaters, to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the sport of roller derby, and to foster good sportswomanship and character. Previous experience coaching women’s sports and previous roller derby coaching experience is preferred.


Interested coaches may contact:

Karen Glover (BiblioBlitzkrieg)

Captain, PSRD Allstars

(678) 477-1380