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Peach State Roller Derby is a skater-owned and operated league; and running a league is not cheap. Our expenses range from travel costs and hotel rooms to renting our practice space, our bout venue, maintaining our rental agreements/contracts, and more. While each skater pays monthly dues to participate in the league, we need help to continue to bring this wonderful all-female sport to the Atlanta area.

You can help support our mission by purchasing ad space for your business or event in our home bout programs.

We are a non-profit organization that depends on sponsors like you to help support our team. We also give back by providing free advertisement to your business by posting banners with your logo*, game programs, and a link to your website from our sponsor page. For more information please click on "Read More" to view and download our sponsorship package. 

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We are deeply in love with our sponsors! Peach State Roller Derby is brought to you by some of the best businesses in the ATL area and beyond. Their sponsorship contributes to training space, venues, and equipment for the Rollergirls.  This means that we stay safe and happy, so we can get out there and kick some major butt just for you.



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You may email the completed package with your graphics to Thank you in advance for your support!

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